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Farm & Crop Management Software

Award Winning Cloud Based Management of Food Safety, Traceability, & Production Performance for Fruit & Vegetables

Dragonfly's cloud-based farm & crop management software, referred to as Croptracker / Fruit Tracker / Grape Tracker / Apple Tracker, has been designed with growers, packers, distributors, industry associations, and retailers in mind. In 2014, Fruit Tracker software was awarded the Premier's Award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence. Users of the software describe it as a purpose driven tool that will actually save time, money, and eliminate risks! Crop Tracker is cost effective, reliable and a productivity performance solution that meets the standards set by food processors, large retail customers, and various government bodies. Traceability data includes premises identification, product identification, and supply chain movements starting with the grower and ending at the retailer to identify and resolve any food safety issue or threat before a product reaches the market, thus protecting the consumer, minimizing recall costs and any damage to the reputation and/or brand. More and more supply chain members, across all segments and levels, are making it a top business priority to adopt this technology. They have chosen Dragonfly Information Technologies as their partner in developing the ideal solution by conducting several pilot programs and listening to marketplace feedback. Dragonfly is now a multi-dimensional solutions company focused on the agri-business offering:

o Cloud-based Fruit Tracker Software;
o Information Technology Consultation / Guidance Services;
o Hardware Technology.

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