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Farm & Crop Management Software

Award Winning Cloud Based Management of Food Safety, Traceability, & Production Performance for Fruit & Vegetables


Association Management Systems

Whether you are a local organization that needs a simple content management system, or an international organization with thousands of members, Dragonfly has the right Association Management System for you.

Start Ups

Helping to Bootstrap Your New Venture is Our Specialty

We've help launch many start ups from all sectors. From mom and pop shops to publicly traded companies - it's not the size of your business that counts - it's the size of your idea.


Our world class Software solutions are solving global problems right now

We've help tackle the world's deadliest super bugs, brought safety and security to North American food chains, and helped processed millions in e-commerce transactions.

Dragonfly Information Technology Inc. offers expertise in a wide range of software development languages and techniques to provide your business with the best possible custom software solution.

We provide a unique blend of agile software development methodologies combined with onsite analysis. We put software in your hands quickly and as you decide it should be. We provide the means and recommend technologies to build your custom software project on time and on budget.

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